What Is The Best Wood Flooring For Kitchens?

24700_373275639505_4634900_nA lot of people shy away from installing a wood floor in their kitchen, and it is a pity because timber lends itself perfectly to the space that’s frequently the heart of the home. If you have your heart set on wood flooring in the kitchen, but your mind is telling you no, we’d like to dispel some myths and show you how versatile wood flooring can be.

The first myth is that wood certainly can be used from the kitchen, and the bathroom too. Generally we advise our customers to prevent a lacquered finish hardwood flooring areas where liquid spills are more likely. Spillages can cause your floor to become slippery, and with some unsealed flooring, may cause water damage.

Choosing The Right Wood For Your Kitchen

Wood is a natural solution, and due to this it can contract and expand as temperature or moisture levels rise. This isn’t usually a problem in tiny doses, but at the kitchen, in which steam and warmth are most likely, this could be a problem. For this reason, we would not recommend good floors to your kitchen, and would instead recommend that you opt for an engineered wooden floor.

Engineered wood can contract and expand, but not quite to the same level as solid wood can. This means it is a hit to the modern day, active kitchen, and will take all that life has to throw at it. When we match your flooring, we allow for a little expansion gap around the outside of the room. This means your floor will have no difficulty dealing with the atmospheric modifications since you cook or turn up the heat in your own kitchen.

It’s All In The Finish

We advise that you opt for timber flooring with an oiled finish and that’s sealed using a hard wax acrylic for optimum protection. Whether you are making a brand-new kitchen area or renovating an existing kitchen, there are a number of ways that you can make wood work for you using very good excellent wood and the right finishing techniques.

Other Considerations For A Cosmetic Kitchen Floor

It is very important that any wooden flooring fitted at the kitchen environment is well protected and fitted with precision. Even though your flooring is sealed, all of spillages and splashes should be taken care of immediate — it’s never good to leave quantities of liquid sitting at the top of a wooden surface. Some liquids, such as oils or tomato-based sauces, may also lead to staining if allowed to sit for too long.

It’s also a fantastic idea to get your pipes checked before you go ahead with a wood floor in kitchen. The very last thing you will need is a totally damaged floor because of a leak under your sink, or even a badly plumbed in washing machine.

Add A Touch Of Class To Your Own Kitchen

We would be delighted to tell you more about the terrific benefits of installing a wooden floor in your kitchen and also to showcase some of the most recent installments. Our years of expertise in matching hardwood flooring in each room in the home makes us the ideal choice for your flooring needs.


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